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Deploy ERC-721A on Ethereum

Deploy the latest, most optimized and advanced contract on Ethereum today! ERC721A is an implementation of IERC721 with significant gas savings for minting multiple NFTs in a single transaction.

  • Surprise your community with a hidden NFT, then reveal on a date determined by you!
  • Mint multiple NFTs for essentially the same cost of minting a single NFT.
  • Sell your minted NFTs on Opensea

Start selling with Candy Machine NFT

Launch an NFT using Metaplex’s Candy Machine. The Metaplex Protocol is powered by a strategic partnership with Solana Labs.

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Product features

Customize your sale with Ambition smart contracts.

Host a presale

The holy grail in NFT mints is a whitelist spot, which provide access to the presale. Allow specific members of your community to participate in a presale by adding their wallet address on our dashboard.

Delayed reveal

Add a pre-reveal placeholder asset to your drop so your NFTs and metadata are hidden upon initial mint. It allows you to control when your community gets to see the final assets and metadata.

Open public sale

When hype for your collection is at its peak, turn on your public sale to allow anyone to mint your NFT!

Pricing tiers

Update the pricing to mint from your collection at anytime! To create pricing tiers, set your presale price on your dashboard before updating it again for your public sale.

Get paid

After your community has minted your collection, recover the earnings from your contract. Withdraw your funds from your dashboard.

Set buying limit for collectors

Want to allow only a certain number of mints at a time? Or even hold a specific amount of NFTs? Configure these settings for your smart contract with ease.


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How do I reveal my NFT collection here?

Using Ambition IPFS
When you first create your NFT collection, you are prompted to upload your unrevealed image, collection images, and token metadata. After deployment, your collection will automatically be set to unrevealed. You can reveal your collection by going to your settings, "Update metadata" section, and setting the toggle to reveal. Click on update and approve the transaction. This will reveal your NFT collection.

Users who use their own IPFS URL
After you deploy your NFT collection, go to settings, and paste in the IPFS url that leads to your folder of metadata for the unrevealed image. The metadata folder should include individual .json files with "image" property pointed to your unrevealed image URL.Make sure the toggle is set to unrevealed, then click on the update button and approve the transaction. This sets your collection to unrevealed.When you are ready to reveal your NFT collection, flip the toggle switch and verify the toggled IPFS url links to your revealed collection metadata. Once confirmed, hit update and approve the transaction. This will reveal your NFT collection.

Reflecting changes on OpenSea
Any changes to your metadata can take a couple minutes to reflect on OpenSea. Make sure to hit the "Refresh metadata" on OpenSea to ensure tokens are updated.

Integrate a smart contract to Opensea
How to import a Solana collection to Opensea?
What is gas?
How to deploy a smart contract?

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