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Meet the no-code NFT generator

Our generator is designed to help you launch the next big collection. We support trait and layer rarities, gif and video.


Easiest way to generate NFT collections

You won't find an easier way to generate a whole 10,000 NFT collection anywhere else. We spent hours perfecting the UI so it is as intuitive as possible.

How it works

How NFTs are generated

NFTs are generated by compiling layers of images (traits). These layers have traits which separates an NFT from the rest of its collection. Our NFT collection generator randomly selects a trait from every layer and merges them all into a single image.


All you need are traits

Once you have your NFT traits exported and saved to folders, upload them to our generator and let us handle the rest.


Launching with Ambition

We want to help you
launch the next big collection.


We strive to be the world's most helpful community

Join our Discord to get help with your NFT launches. We will do our best to help in any way possible. Be part of the community passionate about building the future of the internet.


Learn how to design effective NFT launches

Just starting out with NFTs? New to the world of Web3? Ambition has you covered! We can take you from beginner to adept in less than four hours. Check out our collection of articles to learn how you can launch the next big NFT collection.

Let us help you launch the next big collection.