Deploying an NFT Collection on The Solana Network

Published on
May 25, 2022
Written by
Ryan Kamykowski
Read time
5 min

How to Deploy an NFT Collection on Solana Network

Widely known for its speed and scalability, the Solana Network is also one of the fastest growing ecosystems in crypto. Without nearly the same expense as Ethereum, you can get your collection deployed without breaking the bank. That savings translates to your NFT buyers too - less gas fees means more left over for what counts.

In order to deploy, you’ll need the following ready to go:

  • Artwork and metadata organized and ready in folders. If you still need to generate your art and metadata, you can use our generator for this. Make sure you choose SOL for metadata type.
  • Phantom wallet browser extension with at least 0.18 SOL available for 100 NFTs or around 15-18 SOL for 10,000. You can download it here. Chrome browser is preferred for this process.

Starting at the Ambition app login page, login using Phantom (you may need to clear your browser cache first).

Next, click on :

In the next portion, you’ll fill out the parameters according to your specific collection. Here’s an example:

Then, select DEPLOY ON SOLANA 

Be careful NOT to choose Solana Devnet for this step. 👆

After your contract is created, you’ll be taken to this page:

Go ahead and click on your new contract and you can begin the process of connecting your images.

At this point, you should be presented with one option (above). 👆

Go ahead and click:

You’ll need to determine how to host your images at this point. Once that is complete, you’ll be automatically moved onto the next step. Go ahead and open up your finder or file explorer to the folder that contains your assets and metadata folders now. You will need to drag and drop them in the next step.

When the “Upload Images to IPFS” box pops up, drag the entire assets folder into it.

Then hit “UPLOAD”

Repeat this step for the metadata folder.

Notice how we are on step 2 here. Drag the metadata folder in like you did with assets.

Again, once the files show that they have been added, click UPLOAD. 👆

After a short wait, you should land on a confirmation screen that looks like this:

Verify your metadata and click “CONFIRM” 👆

Time to deploy


Once that is done, you’ll get a confirmation and you’ll be directed to your new contract page that looks like this:

Note that the status is green and says “Live on blockchain”

At this point, you can mint your first NFT under the ACTION tab, setup your EMBED button or start working on your website! 

Congrats on deploying on the Solana Network!

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