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The #1 no-code smart contract

Deploy your NFT collection to the blockchain

Setting up a smart-contract doesn't have to be hard. Configure rarity, mint fees and deploy to a blockchain. Customize your smart-contract to your liking and deploy to a blockchain of your choice. Whether it is enabling pre-sale (whitelist) or adding sales royalty — we have everything you need to get started with managing your NFT collection.

"#NFT smart contract & minting website made with the help of @ambition_so. It was so easy and fast!"

MMMG, Founder of @yo_frens
We support the largest blockchains for launching your NFT collections

No code minting website

Stand out with a
high-quality minting website

Create a custom minting page without a single line of code. Set up your website in just seconds with our beautifully designed, ready-out-of-the-box templates.

"#NFT smart contract & minting website made with the help of @ambition_so. It was so easy and fast!"

MMMG, Founder of Yo Frens NFT

NFT collection generator

Need to generate a collection?

Our generator is designed to help you launch the next big collection. We support trait and layer rarities, gif and video.

Why Ambition

Without the complexity of deploying by yourself

Straight-forward & easy

From Ambition's easy-to-use user interface, you can customize your NFT collection’s key information, such as price and quantity, add your branding, logo, fonts, and colors, and choose which functionality you’d like to include in your smart contract.

Smooth code-free process

Our smart contracts are audited and verified for your safety and security, having undergone the most rigorous penetration testing in the industry.

All the tools you need

Launch your NFT collection in minutes. You own your customized smart contract and can collect royalties indefinitely on any marketplace. Easily edit collection metadata, set up whitelists and presales, choose between instant and delayed NFT reveal, and much more.


We are here to help you build the next big NFT collection.


We strive to be the world's most helpful community

Join our Discord to get help with your NFT launches. We will do our best to help in any way possible. Be part of the community passionate about building the future of the internet.


Learn how to design effective NFT launches

Just starting out with NFTs? New to the world of Web3? Ambition has you covered! We can take you from beginner to adept in less than four hours. Check out our collection of articles to learn how you can launch the next big NFT collection.

Case Studies

Learn customer's success stories with ambition no-code tools

Check out these case studies to learn about how other customers use ambition to launch their first NFT collection smoothly.

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